If you bought a home and want to use financing, your lender may require an appraisal. This valuation can I provide for you.

Our appraiser is well known in making various reports for example, a validated report (NWWI, Taxateursunie) or an unvalidated report, a report with a value when rented out but also a valuation that relates to special management. There are several possibilities. Make an appointment without obligation if you want more information about the procedure and the costs.

When you’re selling your house or apartment plans can be requested via the contact form a free valuation. This valuation gives you an indication of the value of your property. During this informal conversation, I can also inform you about the sales potential of your home or apartment. It is also possible to realize an appointment with an independent financial adviser. Ask for the possibilities.

Contact Anuscka Wemmers

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020-2106012 / 06-50849259

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