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Anuscka Wemmers your real estate agent. For personal assistance in buying / selling and valuations of apartments in Amsterdam area.

Anuscka has worked since 2003 at several large brokerage houses in the city of Amsterdam where she has amassed a wealth of knowledge. Anuscka sworn Register Property Appraiser (RMT). A broker pure, straightforward but with a feeling for the customers and the business. Nice and bright communicating she knows how to bring the parties to an agreement.

Selling:  african daisy

You have decided to sell your house in Amsterdam and you don’t want to do that alone, you want professional help. By going to find a broker you are already a step in the right direction. In a personal conversation I will explain to you what’s involved when you sell your home. From A to Z, I can guide you through the entire sales process. I work on a “no cure no pay” so no surprises in terms of costs afterwards. However, start-up costs are used, subject to conditions. Make an appointment via the contact form for a free marketing consultation.

Buying:  sun flower

A house purchase with a broker prevents first that you paid too much. I would like to advise you at one of your biggest financial investment. It’s not just perform a matter of negotiation, this articulate every buyer can but determine the right price point to legal and structural issues which I gladly accompanied. I am also looking for you under the house if possible and I turn if need expert help of an architectural expert at. By an honest, sincere and give sound advice you never pay too much. There are various forms of assistance in the purchase of your dream home. Even when buying I work on a “no cure no pay”. Through the contact form to receive free information.

Anuscka Wemmers

Contact Anuscka Wemmers

Emmalaan 25
1075 AT Amsterdam

020-2106012 / 06-50849259

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