Open House Day

Seven reasons to join the NVM Open House Day
Twice a year, the estate organizes the NVM Open House Day. Purpose of NVM Open House Day is accessible and inviting to show the 100,000 participating interested a home of their choice. In the last editions did almost 50,000 homeowners with. Why should you join as selling houses owner?

  1. The NVM is asked multimedia attention to this day. There are consequently potential for housing around in your locality, neighborhood or street. In addition, your home is extra promoted Funda while Funda around these days twice than normal.
  2. From homes that participated in the NVM Open House Day in April 2014 was 5 months later sold 27%. Of homes that have not participated was sold 15%.
  3. You reach people who want to familiarize themselves voluntary in buying a home.
  4. By participating in the NVM Open House Day shows you clearly how to buyers seriously you want to actually sell the property.
  5. Jump out against the competition. A potential buyer can choose from an average of 16 homes. About 5 to 6 thereof join NVM Open Houses Bye Now.
  6. By allowing the viewings take place on one day, you avoid multiple times to bring your house in order.
  7. You can afterwards see how your house is on the market. On the basis of the viewings and comments you can customize your home or other presentation discuss sales tactics with your estate agent
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